Update : The bridge on Columbia Rd will be closed at 7am on Friday, November 4th for repairs.  The goal is to have the bridge open for the weekend.  There are message boards already in place to inform drivers of the closure.

The City has temporarily restricted the bridge on Columbia Rd. just north of Broad St. to one lane of traffic.  This restriction is due to failure of the guardrail on the east side of the bridge.  We are currently working with engineers and contractors to identify and implement a solution to this problem, and anticipate that it will be returned to two lanes of traffic within the next couple of weeks.  Please note that the bridge itself is currently (as posted) operational under a 25% load reduction, but that the bridge is structurally capable of carrying the rated traffic loading.  Also note that this bridge is scheduled to be replaced in the summer of 2017.  Finally, please exercise caution in this area and be courteous to other motorists.