Please be advised that both of the active projects on Columbia Road have experienced slight delays, and both will be closed for a little longer than anticipated.

Columbia Road Bridge (North of Broad Street)

With the successful coordination of efforts between ODOT, the City, and the Contractor, solutions to the experienced issues have been developed, and the new bridge is scheduled to be open to traffic on or before Monday, December 11th.  Please note that due to the issues experienced, and the nature of the permanent solution, that this bridge will need to be closed again for 1-2 weeks in the spring when weather permits.

Columbia Road Culvert (South of Mill Street)

The City and the Contractor have been working diligently to overcome unforeseen challenges that arose during this project, and the new culvert is expected to be open on or before Monday, December 18th.  Please note that due to the challenges experienced, and weather constraints, temporary pavement has been placed, and that final paving will be completed in the Spring when weather allows.

We thank you for your understanding, as both of these projects were necessary to address safety issues, and that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Please contact the Public Service Director, Alan Haines at 740-927-0145 with any questions or concerns, and again, we thank you for your patience while we work to ensure the needs of the City are adequately addressed.

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