Background, Education & Experience

Suzanne and her husband, Dan, have been married for 18 years. They both grew up in the Pataskala area and have a true passion for the community and enjoy being involved around town. Suzanne and Dan both live and work in Ward 4. Dan works at Hayes Law Offices Inc, LPA, while Suzanne has worked at Pataskala Elementary for fourteen years as a third & fourth grade teacher for the first 8 years and is now currently the Physical Education teacher. Prior to teaching in the SWL School District, Suzanne taught three years in the Newark City School District and one year at Licking Heights. At Pataskala Elementary, Suzanne loves working with more than 600 students from around our community each week. This job grants Suzanne the opportunity to work with a stellar teaching staff, an outstanding group of kids & parents, and community leaders and businesses. Suzanne loves teaching her students about the importance of good character, the blessings of a strong local community and how to be healthy and productive members of their school community.

Promoting Philanthropy in the Community

In her role as a Pataskala teacher, Suzanne led the 100th Birthday Party Celebration at Pataskala Elementary in 2007. This project connected the alumni of Pataskala High School with the students, raised money for a historical marker on the school’s front lawn through an art auction by local artists, and organized a school-wide celebration that allowed the students to learn about the school and the community’s history. Suzanne also spearheaded the Pataskala Elementary Community Auctions. After Dan and Suzanne replaced their old bubble glass windows in their house, the students were able to paint them and auction them all off for more than $5000, which they donated to the Sterling Theater. Suzanne looks forward each year to organizing the school’s annual Story Walk project for Municipal Park’s nature trail. This project allows the third graders to research, write and illustrate the panels that are placed around the park for the entire community to enjoy from May to November. Suzanne loves to connect the students at Pataskala Elementary with the Pataskala Community. She believes she has a unique opportunity to help build a love of community in all of her students. This love of community is also why Suzanne and Dan enjoy working on the Board at the Mead-Needham Museum in Downtown Pataskala, as well.

Hayes’ Continued Community Involvement

Suzanne and Dan keep busy in the community in many ways. Their three kids are very active in a variety of sports and fun activities in town. She and Dan enjoy watching the boys play baseball, football as well wrestling. They also enjoy watching their daughter play the piano and perform in their church’s Christmas musical. They are regulars at the Pataskala Pool every summer and love biking through town. Suzanne loves meeting new people through all of her kid’s opportunities. Suzanne joined Tri-Village Christian Church in 1997 after wonderful memories at Etna United Methodist Church. Dan and Suzanne love being a part of their church family and enjoy watching their children grow in the church. Suzanne is active with children’s ministry as well as the Drama Team. Suzanne and the kids are looking forward to cheering Dan on as he takes on a new adventure as the head coach of the new Warrior Rugby Football Club.

Suzanne strongly believes in our community and she looks forward to working with City Council to build a strong Pataskala.