We have received several questions about the status of the Mink Road and Broad Street intersection improvements project.


I want to provide some history about this intersection improvement project. For the past several years, the Mink Road and Broad Street intersection has ranked as the second or third most dangerous intersection in the city. This ranking is based on historical statistics for the number of crashes that have occurred at the intersection. To address this hazardous intersection, the city applied for and was awarded a grant through the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) program to make improvements to the intersection. The project cost is nearly $1.5-million. The OPWC funding includes a $370,000 grant and a $125,000 zero interest loan. The balance of the cost of the project is being funded by the city through the issuance of debt.  The improvements include left hand turn lanes in all directions, alignment of the north and south portion of Mink Road and the installation of new traffic signal heads with turn arrows.


There have been several factors that have caused the delays in the project schedule. Overhead utilities and poles had to be relocated to accommodate the widened roadway. Most notably, the delay has been caused by the house that is located on the northeast corner of the intersection. In order to complete the project as designed, it is necessary for the city to obtain additional property at the northeast corner of the intersection. We have been working with the property owner to arrive at an agreement for the purchase. Unfortunately, that has not yet occurred. However, we are hopeful and optimistic that the purchase will occur in the very near future. However, as you probably have noticed, work has started again at this intersection. Work can be completed up to the point of the installation of mast arms and signal heads (all asphalt can be completed) without the purchase of the additional property. Our goal is to have construction of the asphalt and roadway continue as we work toward resolution of the property purchase.


We appreciate the community’s patience as we continue to work on this project. Please let us know if you have any questions by calling 740-927-2021 or by emailing BJ King, City Administrator, at