The City of Pataskala will have Trick-or-Treat on Thursday, October 29th from 5:30 pm to 7 pm. To comply with the Licking County Health Department, it is recommended that:

🎃 Participants stay in family groups
🎃 Children be accompanied by an adult
🎃 All participants wear a face-covering (or mask for those dressing up) in accordance with the current face covering order
🎃 All candy be handed out by an adult (do not grab candy directly from bowl), preferably while remaining outside

Also recommend that participants:

🦇 Stay home if they feel sick
🦇 Do not pass out candy if you feel sick
🦇 Wash hands (or sanitize) often
🦇 Observe social distancing and do not gather with other family groups
🦇 Be respectful of homes/families who choose not to participate

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