Our Two-Tier Inclement Weather Preparation Policy

The two tier-policy for snow and ice removal below outlines the proposed Public Service Department’s response to inclement weather for the upcoming winter season.

The Street Department will plow and salt streets based on a TWO TIER system. Tier I includes roads that are more heavily traveled and serve as major arterials through the City. Additionally, Tier I includes roads that have significant inclines, or potentially hazardous curves, or are the main entry road for subdivisions and neighborhoods. When all TIER I roads are clear, work will begin to clear the TIER II roads. Tier II includes the lower traffic roadways, including those in subdivisions and other residential areas. .

The City’s goal is to have treated all streets within 24 hours of a snow event. This timeframe will be modified based on the severity of a snow event. The City Administrator is authorized to use his discretion in applying this policy in cases of extraordinary and unique weather events.

Residents Can Assist the Public Service Department with Snow Removal by:

  1. Keeping all parked cars off of the street during all snow removal activities. Cars parked on the street make it more difficult to maneuver the snow plows and prevents the crews from plowing the entire width of streets.
  2. Cleaning snow from around your mailbox to assure mail delivery. It is inevitable that snow will accumulate around your mailbox and curbs during snow plowing.
  3. Staying clear from snow plows. Do not approach or get close to a snow plow.
  4. When clearing your driveway, piling all snow on the left side of your driveway (when looking towards your house from the street). This will minimize the amount of snow that is deposited at the end of your driveway when you street is plowed. Please be advised that, occasionally, snow plowing may leave snow at the end of your driveway. The City is not responsible for removing any snow that is deposited at the end of your driveway due to the normal procedure of snow plowing.

Mailbox Damage/Replacement Policy

The City’s primary objective when plowing snow is to ensure safety by keeping roadways clear of snow and ice. Damage to mailboxes is often unavoidable due to their close proximity to the roadway. Because mailboxes are generally located within the public right-of-way, and the service of plowing streets is for the public good, this policy assumes there is a shared responsibility between the city and citizens when mailboxes are damaged during city operations.

It is the citizens’ responsibility to ensure their mailbox is installed in a fashion to absorb the impact of snow coming off the face of a plow blade. Based on this criterion the city’s policy will be to grant no reimbursement for a mailbox knocked over due to the impact of snow coming off the face of the plow blade.

If a mailbox is physically hit by a plow or truck, the citizen may file a claim with the city for reimbursement. The citizen will be required to complete a claim form and submit to the Director of Public Services. Upon receiving the claim form, the Director of Public Services, or designee, will conduct an inspection and determine if reimbursement is warranted. All claims must be submitted within 3 days of the alleged damage to be considered for reimbursement. Under no condition will the city reimburse citizens at a rate higher than those listed herein, regardless of location, size or original cost. The homeowner shall be responsible for the purchase and installation of mailboxes, posts and any related accessories. The rate of reimbursement for damaged mailboxes is: $80 per box.

Property Damage Form

Coordination with Local Entities

The City will meet with local school district representatives to discuss the upcoming year’s Snow and Ice Management Policy. All safety forces and other service providers (refuse collection, mail service, etc…) will be notified of the Snow and Ice Management Policy.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information regarding any of the above items, please contact Tim Hickin, City Administrator, by calling 740-964-2416 or sending an email to Thickin@ci.pataskala.oh.us.