How the City Handles Troublesome Stormwater

Throughout the past years, the city has developed an all-encompassing master plan to minimize the environmental impact of stormwater and maximize proper disposal. We continue to build new storm drainage points throughout the city while replace the older facilities. City officials have implemented a routine maintenance program for periodic cleaning, inspection and repair of public storm drains. It is our duty to enforceme proper drainage tactics to both existing facilities and newer developments.

The NPDES & How It Works

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, under the federal Clean Water Act, has established the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to tackle problems surrounding stormwater discharge and its harmful residual effects. The EPA is the governing body that oversees this program for all states. To receive a permit for stormwater drainage, one must contact the EPA and seek approval.

How Stormwater Can Damage the Environment

Without proper management and adoption of optimal drainage practices, stormwater can carry contaminants and harmful chemicals to sensitive environments, such as parks, ponds and other recreational areas. By establishing a stormwater management plan, the City of Pataskala proactively works toward minimizing any potential threat to drinking water and area wildlife, adding both a sense of security to the natural water supply and preservation to the environment.