Please be aware that there will be interior gates at Foundation Park installed this spring. Installation of the gates will provide access from McIntosh Road and John Reese Parkway to parking lots in the park. However, the gates will be closed mid-point on the park drive, preventing vehicular access through the entire park. The two mid-drive gates will be closed AT ALL TIMES except for special occasions, like July 4th – Easter Egg Hunt – Power show, and other big events. This means that if you are coming to Foundation Park, you will either enter the park from McIntosh Road to park in the 2 north lots or enter from John Reese Parkway and park in the accessible lot.

The gate closing is meant to eliminate the cut-thru traffic that has increased in the park. The access drive in the park was not built to handle this type of use. The road has deteriorated due to such traffic and we must eliminate the heavy use as a shortcut between McIntosh Road and John Reese Parkway. Installation of the gates will also result in a safer park for walkers and those visiting the park for recreational activities. We appreciate your understanding!

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