The Duties & Responsibilities of the Mayor

The Mayor shall preside at all meetings of the Council but shall not vote other than the appointment or removal or suspension of any person appointed, suspended or removed by the Mayor, in the event of a tie vote among the members of the Council. The Mayor shall have those judicial and military powers, if any, as may be granted by the general laws of Ohio, duties and functions as provided under this Charter and the City’s ordinances and resolutions. The Mayor shall not have any power to veto ordinances or resolutions passed by the Council.

Candidacy Details & Other Additional Information

The Mayor shall be elected for a term of office of four years, with all the powers, duties and functions provided by the City Charter. A candidate for the office of Mayor shall be an elector of the City or an area annexed to the City for at least two years prior to the time of filing for office shall be elected to the office of Mayor.

The Mayor shall not hold any other public office or employment with the City during a term; except that the Mayor may hold an office in a political party, or be a delegate to a political party convention, serve as a notary public, serve as a member or officer in the military reserve or national guard, serve in any office, position or capacity to represent the City or to further intergovernmental cooperation, and may hold any office permitted by the Charter or the laws of Ohio.