The City of Pataskala was recently made aware that, since 2018, residents under the age of 18 have been required by RITA to file a return and pay taxes on their earned income, and non-resident minors have had the tax withheld from their wages.  Neither of these situations should have been the case.  In December 2017, City Council adopted a revised tax code that specifically exempted the earned income of minors (under 18) from the city’s income tax, including non-resident workers in our city.  It appears that RITA was working from an outdated (2015) tax code.  Typically, taxpayers seeking a refund would be required to file up to 3 tax return forms (one each for tax years 2018, 2019 and 2020) with RITA in order to get their payments refunded to them.  In order to simplify the process for our residents, however, the Finance department has created a single form that can be used to request a refund of taxes paid in any or all tax years since 2018.  A copy of the form can be found here: 2022 Minor Tax Refund Form.  Please contact the city’s Finance department at or (740) 919-3550 if you have any questions on obtaining a copy of the form or completing it.

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