Tomorrow’s vote determines the future of the City’s parks and recreation department and programs

Tomorrow, voters in the City have the opportunity to determine the future maintenance and development of the city’s 7 parks. If approved, the levy funds would all be put to physical improvements and maintenance in our city parks. The parks department is the one city department that does not have a dedicated funding source for operations or improvements. When approved, the income tax was dedicated to the street department, police department, and infrastructure capital improvements.

The millage amount of proposed levy is 0.75-mills. Based on current valuation in Pataskala, this 0.75-mills would generate $252,501 annually for parks improvements. This equates to an annual levy payment from residents of $26.25 per $100,000 of home valuation.

Per $100,000 home valuation, this equates to about $0.07 cents per day; $0.49 per week, $2.11 per month.

City Council has committed that every dollar generated ($252,501 annually) from this levy would be used to make hard, permanent improvements in the parks. This includes the addition of new amenities for use by resident and ongoing maintenance of existing amenities. NONE OF THE LEVY REVENUE WILL BE USED TO PAY WAGES OR BENEFITS FOR PARKS DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES. The wages and benefits will be covered by the City’s general fund revenue. This approach will result in residents “seeing their tax dollars at work” through the improvements that will be made in the parks.

I encourage all of you to consider the positive impact that quality parks have on a community. Please consider supporting the parks when you cast your vote tomorrow.

If you have any questions about the proposed levy, please contact me at 740-964-2416 or I hope you are able to attend the public meeting on September 12th.

BJ King

City Administrator

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