The city’s income tax collection and compliance agent, the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA), is currently sending letters to any Pataskala resident who has not filed one or more income tax returns.  It is important to know that the city has a mandatory filing requirement, so even if you do not owe any additional taxes to the city, you would be still required (if you have any earned income) to file an annual income tax return.  For those residents who only have non-earned/passive income (such as retirement or investment income, etc.), no city income taxes would be owed, and as a result no tax return would be required to be filed.  In that case, you would simply need to notify RITA that you do not have any earned income so that they can remove you from the compliance database.


For ease of response, Pataskala residents can e-file their returns online at  You may also fax the documents requested on the non-filing letter to (440) 922-3510, or mail them to:


Regional Income Tax Agency

P.O. Box 470538

Broadview Heights, OH  44147-0538


The city’s Finance department also offers assistance to any resident/taxpayer needing assistance.  If you need assistance, you can call (740) 927-3167 and ask for Janice or Jamie, or stop by City Hall, 621 W Broad St, Suite 2B, Pataskala, Ohio 43062

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