Municipal Income Tax Information

The City of Pataskala has contracted with the Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.) to collect and administer the municipal income tax. RITA has been administering municipal income tax collection services since 1971 and currently services over 173 municipalities statewide. Visit RITA’s website at to download forms and instructions, register and file online, find answers to frequently asked questions, and view our tax code.

Earned Income

Earned income includes items such as wages, tips, bonuses, rental income, profits or losses from a business or profession, and distributions from a partnership. Examples of items that would be exempt from the income tax are interest, dividends, and receipts from social security, pensions, active military pay, unemployment compensation, alimony and annuities.

Recommendations for Residents

It is highly recommended that Pataskala residents inform their employers of the Pataskala income tax so that courtesy withholding by your employer may occur. Each individual residing in Pataskala who has, or anticipates having, earned income must file with the Regional Income Tax Agency.

Recommendations for Employers

If you are an employer, you are required to withhold Pataskala municipal income tax at a rate of 1.0 % from all wages paid to employees working within the City of Pataskala. Please contact RITA to establish a reporting and filing account with them.

Additional Questions and Information Requests

If you have any questions regarding your City of Pataskala income tax, please feel free to contact the Finance Department at (740) 927-3167 or send your e-mails to James Nicholson, Finance Director at or Janice Smith, Finance Manager at

Please consider visiting the RITA website Frequently Asked Question webpage to help answer any specific tax questions.