Our Mission
The Planning and Zoning Department’s mission is to enhance the quality of life offered to those who live or work in our community through long range comprehensive land use planning and management. Our guiding principles are:

  • Public engagement in planning discussions
  • Achievement of a balance of land uses that sustain the City
  • Enhancement of pedestrian connections to parks, schools, government, commercial, industrial and residential destinations
  • Protection of the environment
  • Revitalization of the historic village centers
  • Maintenance of our identity with our agrarian and rail heritage

Parts of the Codified Ordinances that are directly linked to Planning and Zoning

Zoning Code

Building Code

Planning Director

Scott Fulton can be reached at 740-927-2168 or by email at sfulton@ci.pataskala.oh.us.

Zoning Inspector

Steven Blake can be reached at 740-927-3885 or by email at sblake@ci.pataskala.oh.us.

Zoning Clerk

Lisa Paxton can be reached at 740-927-4910 or by email at lpaxton@ci.pataskala.oh.us.

 City Planner

Jack Kuntzman can be reached at 740-964-1316 or by email at jkuntzman@ci.pataskala.oh.us