Over the past 15 years, the City of Pataskala has experienced significant population growth and development. This is not surprising, as Pataskala offers rural charm and a high quality of life, while still being located close to the state capital. As the population continues to grow, the City seeks to ensure development is thoughtful and in-line with the community’s aspirations and vision.


To help define the community’s vision and guide this growth, the City has begun a project to update the Pataskala Comprehensive Plan, previously updated in 2006. The Plan will look at the City comprehensively, including current demographics, land use, economic development, and transportation, among other elements. A fiscal analysis will also be performed to help gain insight on the cost and impact of different types of development on the City.  The technical analysis and community input will inform goals, objectives, and an implementation strategy for the Plan. The updated Pataskala Comprehensive Plan will be used to guide policy and land use decisions in the future.


The Pataskala community will be engaged throughout the planning process, with two public meetings, an online engagement opportunity, and a project steering committee. This is an exciting time for the community, as we work together to outline the future vision for the City and its residents.


Project Overview – Pataskala Comprehensive Plan

Pataskala Comprehensive Plan – Draft Schedule

Pataskala Comprehensive Plan – SC1 Agenda

Pataskala Comprehensive Plan – SC1 Presentation

Pataskala Comprehensive Plan – Draft Schedule – Updated 6-5-18

Pataskala Comprehensive Plan – SC2 Agenda

Pataskala Comprehensive Plane -SC2 Presentation

Comprehensive Plan Meeting Invite – July 19th, 2018

Pataskala Comprehensive Plan – SC3 Agenda

Pataskala Comprehensive Plan – SC3 Presentation

Pataskala Comprehensive Plan – August 8, 2018 Public Meeting Presentation

Pataskala Comprehensive Plan – Updated Schedule – Updated 8-27-18